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The internet is 210 in dog years

By December 15, 2004No Comments

I came across a great article drawing my attention to the minutes of Internet ’93 see this link

Jupitermedia CEO Alan Meckler kicked things off with a few opening remarks. “Thinks Internet will be bigger than the PC in terms of marketing and entrepreneurial opportunities. It’s now 1977 and we’re in Steve Jobs’ garage,” Richardson quoted Meckler as saying.
The keynote address was given by Peter Deutsch (one of the authors of Archie, a key pre-web information finding tool). “Compares Internet to lemonade stands without lemonade right now. But this will change in the next couple of months.”
Deutsch also commented on the then-raging controversy over the commercial use of the Internet. “The argument is over. The Internet is a commercial venture. What we’re trying to do now is figure out the funding models. Also, who pays.”
Martin Schoffstal, President of PSI, Inc. (at the time, the largest provider of Internet access in the U.S.) foreshadowed the meteoric rise of Overture and Google: “Potentially, the Internet is an ideal marketing vehicle, because the Internet is already segmented (e.g., you can target a list of discussion group participants).”
Garrett Gruener, with venture capital firm Burr, Egan, Deleage & Company (and future co-founder of Ask Jeeves) noted favorable growth trends: “Internet is growing. Now 15 million users and growing at 15%/month. Doubles every 5 months. Very heterogeneous.”Brad Templeton, founder of pioneering online service ClariNet: “What’s coming: a fundamental change in advertising. Classifieds will take over (and will be very cheap).”

All very prescient and served to remind me I’ve been doing this a rather long time. Not as long as my old boss, Roberto Minio, whose internet knowledge and history outclasses and predates mine by a factor of a milllion – the first usenet post I have ever found by him is 1983 but I know he has ten years previous internet history on this – unfortunately like me he probably had a weird numerical email address I can’t guess. My university posting are lost for all time as I have no idea what my email was seems to ring a bell; however I seem to have found my first ever usenet posting from my first home email address just over 9 years ago now. I was having a horrid time trying to set up two email accounts on the same Pentium P75 in windows 95. Now I use a mac.

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