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Ecommerce Consulting Services


Is your website working well for you? Could you improve site conversion or your checkout process? As an Ecommerce Consultant I can work with you to improve customer communication, you online marketing strategy and your site conversion.

A typical start point is an in depth site analysis of your site, looking at adspend and ROI on online marketing, benchmarking the search engines ranking of the ste, and using either raw log data or your own site monitoring tools to analyse all key pages of a site. This analysis can help identify flawed checkout design, problematic pages and site design, and navigation and usability issues.

This work also leads into SEO, and will often help refine the site goals and strategy moving forward for smaller sites.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At the time of writing (May 2023) I consistently rank in at least the top 5 results for the searches “Ecommerce Consultant” and “Internet Consultant”. These results were achieved using only ethical SEO techniques.

Search engine optimisation is the key to website success as more and more people find products and services through natural search on search engines. I can help you identify and rectify any problem areas to improve your website visibility and ranking and work with you to develop a long term search engine marketing strategy to help you achieve results. See my SEO page for more information

Web Statistics Analysis and Data Mining

The first step in developing your marketing strategy is getting a real undertand of where you are now. Understanding your visitors behavior on site what pages they visit and why they leave. Accessing and interpreting this information is key to understanding how your visitors interact with your site, and where and how site improvements can be made.

Online Customer Acquisition and Retention

Acquiring and retaining good customers is central to the success of any ecommerce site. I can advise on and develop strategies for success and continued growth, including reawakening “sleeping” customers, growing your customer base, and ensuring effective customer communication.

Online Marketing Strategies

With extensive ecommerce experience both as an internal and external consultant, including, I can provide effective online marketing boosting both new customer acquisition and existing customer retention.

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