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Reputation Management And Personal Branding

Protect, defend and control your online reputation and search results.


Reputation Management sits alongside Search Engine Optimisation – while content can be promoted online and made to rank highly, damaging or critical content in search engine results can also be replaced with content the client prefers.

My Reputation Management services include:

    • Personal branding / Re-branding

    • Creation and management of your own online footprint

    • Regular updates of your content across your digital assets

    • Social media advice and management

    • Reputation monitoring and reporting

    • Crisis management

    • Wikipedia editing

    • Search engine optimisation

My many years of SEO experience can be applied to an issue with your online reputation – give me a call to discuss in confidence on 07787 504673 or contact me for more information on any aspect of my services.

My discretion is assured, and I work alone in this area – your name will not be discussed in a open office, you will deal directly, and only, with me.

Online Privacy Consultancy

I can clean your internet footprint of inappropriate or outdated information. By cross referencing your publicly stated interests and hobbies, together with comments you have posted online, personally identifiable information can be found. Do you think have little personal information online? Think again.

The online services you use can show rather more detail about your tastes, life, and companions than you might prefer to share. Add in privacy issues and identity fraud and you no doubt have data online worth caring about.

Deep web searches can uncover amazing detail about your past – and your present. I can find and help delete old, outdated, embarrassing or incriminating accounts, postings and comments; data which you may have forgotten about, or never intended to share.

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