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Promote your blog – A few tips for blog seo

By December 12, 2004No Comments

Get the right keywords for your blog

Many of your visitors come across your site from a Google search. Your site will be found from words and phrases that you use in your postings. So make sure that you use the words you want to be found under in your blog – in my case ecommerce and internet.

Write regular interesting content for your blog

Choose a topic or set of ideas to discuss regularly. Get people commenting and make sure that you comment back. Regularity is also important. You need to develop a posting pattern for your blog so that people can tell whether to come back every day or only once a month.

Provide good blog content

Don’t just make your blog a stream of consciousness from the days events. Provide useful information that’s worth linking to.

Use keywords in your links and titles

This is increasingly key to success. The words you use must go deeper than simply your content. Make sure that your page titles contain your keywords too.

Publish an RSS/XML feed

Syndicating your headlines via an RSS feed allows people to use a newsreader or news aggregator to view your latest posts. They will then click through when they see something of interest.

Analyse your webstats

A favorite for me, this – see web statistics analysis.So, do these actions have an effect? You can only tell if you look at the log files for your server. These will give you basic trend data, lists of referring sites and search engine statistics. Use this information to find out your most popular pages and to track the origin of your visitors.?

Comment on other people?s blogs

Find other blogs and make comments on their postings. You will often be able to provide a link back to your blog and Google will eventually notice this.

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