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Product video boosts site conversion by 44%

By August 24, 2008No Comments

I came across an interesting case study today. tested adding 10 videos highlighting different shoes on some of its product pages. The videos showed the feet of models sporting the various styles. The items that had videos experienced a 44% increase in conversions. Now, the company is expanding the number of videos to 100.

“With such positive results on our existing videos, the goal right now is to add video to as many of our products as possible,” said Frank Malsbenden, vice president and general manager of Vision Retailing Inc., the parent company of

Though Shoeline’s existing product pages had several images of each shoe, the retailer says it added videos to replicate the experience of actually seeing the shoe on the foot.

Here’s one of the videos. Its not entirely enticing, but it does show the product off well.

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