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Netscape Navigator 9.0b3

By August 17, 2007No Comments

Apple – Downloads – Netscape – Internet UtilitiesI remember when Netscape was the hottest, hottest web property on the planet. Think all the web 2.0 sites rolled into one, the biggest brand on the web, the one that everyone looked at all the time, as the little Netscape icon was ever present. The best browser there was, and there were only a couple. Beta’s were eagerly awaited, we josled to be the first to download a new version. Then Netscape ruined themselves by releasing bigger and bigger SLOW bloatware that did email, newsgroups, as well as web browsing. Where are they now? Releasing Netscape Navigator 9.0b3, that’s where. I haven’t used Netscape for about 8 years, and really it was just a pity download for my mac, but, it seems quite fast and looks to have a couple of useful features. Might give it a proper try…

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