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Napster vouchers in Newsagents and post offices

By November 25, 2004No Comments

Napster nips into newsagents | The Register

Various newsagent of the Dillons variety are to stock Napster download vouchers. I was In a local post office recently when I saw a very small sticker suggesting I buy Napster vouchers from them. It strikes me as an enormously bad idea – I’d like my pension and ?10 of Napster vouchers please. Must buy more Perry Como this week. Its really not going to work well. People who really do want to buy digital music ARE the Itunes profile, they are serious about it, they have a decent MP3 player, and they don’t mind paying for their music. The people without credit cards, or who are worried about purchsing online are really not going to be into digital downloads, unless they are 15 in which case they will be using peer to peer. I really wouldnt want to be in charge of this business at the end of next quarter.

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