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Itunes and the ultimate music system

By November 24, 2004No Comments

I love macs. I have for a long time. I have a collection of macs including a mac plus with steve jobs signature moulded in the casing. My office is now based around a G4 aluminium powerbook, my latest and obviously best mac ever. My other best apple item ever is my 20 gig ipod, bought a couple of years ago when 20 was the biggest you could get. I’m still a surprisingly long way from filling it, but the ipod spawned a massive mp3 collection, which spawned a desire to get the whole of my music collection on a big disk so I never have to faff aroung with a cd again. To this end, I’ve acquired a 500 gig disk and a second airport express so I can stream the networked mp3’s to the stereo, controlling them from either the g4 upstairs or the powerbook. Now I need a control system, and something with a large display to show the songs. Just need to wait for technology to catch up with me…

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