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Google Buns

By February 13, 2010No Comments

“Come on,” said Moon-Face. “Come and eat a Google Bun and see what you think of it.”
Soon they were all sitting on the broad branches outside Moon-Face’s house, eating Pop Biscuits and Google Buns. The buns were most peculiar. They each had a very large currant in the middle, and this was filled with sherbet. So when you got to the currant and bit it the sherbet frothed out and filled your mouth with fine bubbles that tasted delicious. The children got a real surprise when they bit their currants, and Moon-Face almost fell off the branch with laughing.

I’m reading The Magic Faraway Tree to my 6 year old – and was surprised to find this mention of Google Buns. Enid Blyton was ahead of her time. If you missed out on these as a kids – they are really good books!

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