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Ecommerce Site Conversion Rates

By December 2, 2007No Comments

I’ve been doing lots of analysis on a clients site and their checkout process in particular and in order to give them some comparables for their site conversion results, I found the this information on Ecommerce site conversion rates. It’s a bit buried in the web so I’ve put it here:

Its interesting overall conversion rates are so low but I have to say this is often the case in my experience – but for comparison here are the top performing sites for ecommerce conversion rates.

Way to go QVC – know thy audience. Although this high rate is probably because their site visitors have already been pre-sold the item by watching TV and are coming deliberately to buy, rather than to browse. In which case its maybe not such a good stat – I’ll have to take a look at their site….
Interesting, and depressingly, overall conversion rates are going down.

Are consumers browsing more, or are bad ecommerce site proliferating? I think its the latter and I’ve got my work cut out actually ๐Ÿ™‚

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