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Ecommerce Consultant

By August 21, 2007No Comments

Following on from my previous post, I’ve been asked (again) what is an Ecommerce Consultant.

Definition of Ecommerce: Selling stuff online

Definition of Consultant: One who advises another, especially officially or professionally: adviser, counselor, mentor.

Well, I’m a general internet consultant, and much of my advice is general on internet issues, such as hosting, design options, seo and the finer points of server response codes, but I’m also a specialist ecommerce consultant, as many of of my clients sell stuff online, and some of my experience and skillset is very specifically tailored to optimising ecommerce websites, advising on ecommerce site design, add to basket issues, shopping basket usability, ordering functionality, the checkout pathway, and payment options. So that’s an ecommerce consultant. Hope that clears things up for now.

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