Faulty shopping cart software is leaving consumers stranded at the checkout of many UK websites.
The majority of shopping carts provide consumers with an unpredictable and unsatisfactory experience – making Web shopping a lottery, according to a survey by web testing specialist SciVisum out this week. SciVisum found that 80 per cent of websites perform inconsistently with widely varying response times, timeouts and errors – leaving consumers at best wondering what to do next and at worst unable to complete their purchase successfully.

Amazon has bumper Christmas

December 29th, 2004

Amazon.com congratulated itself on a bumper holiday shopping season, saying more than 2.8m items were ordered on a single, record-breaking day

ilap for powerbooks

December 25th, 2004

I got an iLap for christmas. I had considered one and thought it was a bit gadgety, but actually it makes sitting on the sofa with my laptop amazingly comfortable. Highly recommended.

Amazon don’t deliver

December 24th, 2004

Its all over the news that Amazon have hit problems with some orders. I’m waiting on a book that seems to be delayed at the publishers google hacks – its not for christmas, but they sent me a ?5 voucher anyway this morning. Amazon used to send out out vouchers like candy, but they stoppped this a few years ago, and they lowered the general value to ?2 unless something awful had gone wrong, so it looks like anyone with a delayed order got a voucher this morning. Ouch.

Apple gets tough again

December 23rd, 2004

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple sues ‘Tiger’ file sharers