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apple entertainment hub?

By December 5, 2004No Comments

AppleInsider | iPod adoption rate faster than Sony Walkman

In a successive Merrill Lynch report released Monday afternoon, Milunovich fires off what appears to be unsubstantiated rumors of an 200GB Apple entertainment server,”which would compete with multimedia PCs and possibly game consoles to manage family entertainment.”

Rumours are appearing of an apple entertainment hub, managing family entertainment. Its an obvious step on from the ipod – as long as its more ipod than apple pippin. Incedentally, this item is tacked onto an article stating ipod uptake is faster than walkman uptake. And friends thought I was mad to spend that much money on something they couldn’t get their heads round. Told them they’d end up having one too.

Am amazed at the amount of white earbud headphones you see people in London with nowadays. Had to import my Sony buds from Japan a couple of years ago ๐Ÿ™‚

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