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33 Website Success Metrics Instead of Rankings, versus SERP clickthrough analysis

By August 26, 20083 Comments

I came across two interesting and very different posts today.
The first
33 Website Success Metrics Instead of Rankings, Google PageRank and Traffic dismisses ranking as a KPI against a wide variety of other metrics, e.g bounce rate, backlinks, alexa rank, delicious bookmarks, tweets, and Technorati mentions.

The other is a great analysis of the 3 gigs or so of data that AOL released into the wild (briefly) a while back, showing the clickthrough rate per rank
Serp clickthrough rates.

In brief, the no. 1 site got 42% of the clicks, the no. 2 site got 12%, the no. 3 site got 8% – you get the picture.
The Ultimate Guide To SERP Click Through Rates :: Searchlight Digital :: Digital Marketing Consultancy

Anything ranking below 10 gets the scraps.

Now I would never argue that a sites ranking is the be all and end of of success, but you’ve got to be at least in the game to get anywhere, and while I think that some social media activity is healthy for most sites, being found in Google is still up there with the top priorities for any serious website.


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