Spy on competitor adwords

February 27th, 2008

I came across this very interesting site recently –
it lets you “research” your competitors adwords and guestimates their adspend. Interesting stuff.

I’m doing the website for Hook Norton’s Music at the Crossroads. Its a great music festival that supports several causes close to my heart, and the misconfigured website needs a visit from Google now its fixed. Here Googlebot!

Average ecommerce site conversion rates are about 2.5%, however, according to Nielsen/NetRatings Retail Report for January 2008, many retailers in the US at least do far better than that.

The Top 10 online retailers in the U.S based on conversion rates were:

UKs most popular Ecommerce sites over Christmas

Ebay and Amazon are givens, but interesting to see HMV hanging in there at number nine…

Log analysis with Unix

February 3rd, 2008

Sometimes I have to dig deep to find the information I need in a sites server logs which will enable me to do the analysis I need to do.
I have a variety of log analysers which between then can process most logs I come across, but sometimes I get something in a custom format which normal tools baulk at.

The answer? Use the unix tools on my mac to process the server logs, and extract the information I need.